Quidli - Reward your community in BAND directly within your Discord [Grant Proposal]

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  1. What is your Applicant Name?
    Luke Vignal

  2. What is your Email?

  3. Can you provide more information about yourself?
    About me and Quidli team:
    About me and Quidli team:
    Team Members and Qualifications:
    Justin Ahn - CEO
    Previous experience: Helped launch high-growth e-commerce ventures in Southeast Asia, notably ZALORA & LAZADA Vietnam as EiR @ Rocket Internet
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ahnjustin/
    Role: Justin is the project coordinator

Guillaume Figielski - CTO
Previous experience: As blockchain engineer (incl. Solidity), launched ChainImpact, one of the first blockchain dev studios in France. Senior full-stack developer @ French multinationals including Airbus, Orange, and Peugeot.
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/guillaume-figielski/
Role: Guillaume oversees token integration and product management

Luke Vignal - Head of Business Dev
Previous experience: Account Manager @Zendesk, Ex-Forrester
Role: Will be in charge of the partnership coordination and marketing efforts

Titus Decali - UX Designer
Role: Titus will be in charge of the front-end development

Luis Marquez - Back End Dev
Role: Luis will be in charge of the Back-end development

Esther Bankyu – Customer Success Lead
Role: Esther is responsible for on-boarding and customer success.

  1. What is the name of the project?

  2. What category does the project fall under? (Development, Research, Community, Infrastructure)

  3. Can you provide a project description?
    Quidli is a micro on-ramp connecting Web 2.0 apps and web3 assets for you to embed crypto rewards and incentives into your collaboration workflows to boost participation and motivation.
    We enables you to recognize your top contributors natively in your Slack and or Discord, and is mainly used today by community managers who want to leverage community engagement on social media.
    Quidli users include the community teams NEAR Foundation, ETHDenver, OrangeDAO, iExec, Tezos, and Solana Foundation.

  4. What are the project goals?
    We propose to you to build a light integration of BAND Protocol to Quidli by adding BAND to our API and hosted app environment. This will enable you to seamlessly distribute BAND tokens as rewards to the top active participants in your community directly in your Slack, Telegram or Discord.
    In addition to helping you internally share BAND tokens within your ecosystem, this integration lets us offer BAND to our user base of 1000+ organizations as an option via Quidli’s open token platform.

Once completed, $BAND token will be available as an option on:

  1. Quidli web app

  2. Quidli Slack app

  3. Quidli Discord app

  4. Quidli Telegram app

  5. Any subsequent integrations built by Quidli

  6. How does this project bring value to the Band Ecosystem?
    Through this initial partnership, we’d like to help Band Protocol build an awesome community and ecosystem by enabling you to effectively boost community engagement using token incentives. Sharing more tokens with community members can help you to establish a positive alignment flywheel leading to more contributions and ultimately growth towards your main mission and objectives.

Quidli can also help Band Protocol increase number of new holders: Quidli is used by 1100+ organizations today, and we experienced >$3m in transaction volume over past 12 months.
Our platform has a majority of Web2 companies, in particular freelance companies (for example: Flexiple) which use Quidli as a means of payment and rewards for their freelancers (bonus, % of salary). We also work with web3 incubators (Consensus, dlab) who use Quidli on their internal slack server to encourage the founders and start-ups in their portfolio to create a community spirit.

  1. Can you provide a project implementation plan with milestones?
    1st Milestone: 1 week
    We review the necessary technical documentation (blockchain, smart contracts, token, etc.). If additional docs and or consultation is needed, we’ll contact you to get connected with the appropriate person/team for guidance.
    Measurement of success to release payment: Green light from our devs team to move to the token integration step.

2nd Milestone: 1 week
Integration should be in place, and we start testing to ensure the new token is functional and usable within our environment. FYI, we will ask you to send some BAND in order to perform these initial tests.
Measurement of success to release payment: Successfully integrated [token] into Quidli’s micro on-ramp environment.

3rd Milestone: 1 week

  • Review the integration with Band Protocol team.
  • Create & publish PR announcing BAND on Quidli.
    Measurement of success to release payment: Validation of the deliverable by the grant team.
  1. What budget are you requesting? (In dollars or BAND)
    Equivalent of $2,000 in BAND. This grant will cover the initial development work + our maintenance costs + give Quidli exposure to BAND.


I just wanted to know if you have any updates on your side regarding our grant application? Please let me know so that I can organize the next steps,



I just wanted to know if you have any updates on your side regarding our grant application? Please let me know so that I can organize the next steps,



I hope you’re doing well! Has the situation evolved on your side?

Our team is going to be a bit busy for December and would like to know if we should move forward with the BAND token integration within Quidli?