[Proposal] Development Grant Request

  1. What is your Applicant Name?
    Development Grant Request

  2. What is your Email?

  3. Can you provide more information about yourself?
    I’m Princess V, an anonymous contributor passionate about making meaningful contributions to the decentralized web.

  4. What is the name of the project?
    Implement New Account Page, Validator Page

  5. What category does the project fall under? (Development, Research, Community, Infrastructure)**

  6. Can you provide a project description?
    This grant focuses on frontend development for key Web3 platform pages – the Account and Validators sections. For the Account page (/account/:address), we aim to enhance and optimize its frontend using ReScript, creating new abstract components and exploring reuse opportunities in the src/components/reusable folder. Similarly, for Validators pages (/validators and /validator/:validator_address), we’ll refine and improve the frontend, adopting a modular approach, creating new abstract components, and identifying reuse opportunities in the src/components/reusable folder.

  7. What are the project goals?
    The project aims to deliver a polished, cohesive user interface, enhancing the Web3 experience for both Account and Validators sections.

  8. How does this project bring value to the Band Ecosystem?
    By optimizing the codebase, creating reusable components, the project ensures improved performance and aligns with Web3 standards. This commitment contributes to the Band Ecosystem’s competitiveness and fosters a vibrant user community.

  9. Can you provide a project implementation plan with milestones?
    The project targets completion by November 30, 2023, with milestones including codebase analysis, new component development, and refinement.

  10. What budget are you requesting? (In dollars or BAND) :
    We request 3000 BAND, allocated as follows: 1500 BAND for implementing the new Account page and 1500 BAND for the new Validators page, both based on provided UI designs.

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Thank you for your contribution. We’ll proceed with processing retroactive grants for the next phase.