[Proposal] Chainbrary Grant Request

  1. What is your Applicant Name: Chainbrary Team

  2. What is your Email: chainbrary@outlook.com

  3. Information about Chainbrary:
    ChainBrary is an Australian-based platform focused on making blockchain technology accessible to a broad audience. We provide a library of open-source, secure tools for building and interacting with blockchain applications. Our team, led by Rafael Salei, is composed of experienced software engineers, developers, and marketing specialists, all dedicated to bridging the gap between advanced blockchain capabilities and everyday user needs.

  4. Name of the project: Chainbrary

  5. Category does the project: Development and Infrastructure

  6. Project Description:
    ChainBrary is a pioneering platform designed to make blockchain technology a part of everyday life for all users, regardless of their expertise level. Our mission is to demystify blockchain, offering a user-friendly interface and a comprehensive library of open-source tools. ChainBrary stands as a central hub for anyone to build, learn, and engage with blockchain applications easily and efficiently. By integrating with Band Protocol, ChainBrary will enhance its capabilities, solidifying its role as an essential daily resource in the blockchain community.

  7. Project goals:

ChainBrary’s overarching goal is to broaden the horizons of blockchain technology use and accessibility. While we have achieved significant milestones, such as the successful deployment of our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) featuring the Payment Request, Bid System, and Document Locker, our ambition extends further.

Currently, our services are supported exclusively by the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), but our vision is to transcend this limitation. We aim to diversify our network support, integrating with platforms like Band Protocol to tap into a wider array of blockchain capabilities. This integration will not only enhance the functionality of our existing services but also open doors to new communities, fostering a more inclusive and diverse user base.

By achieving this, ChainBrary intends to position itself as a versatile and comprehensive platform, catering to a broad spectrum of blockchain needs and users. Our goal is to bridge gaps between different blockchain communities, thereby creating a more interconnected and efficient blockchain ecosystem.
This strategic expansion aligns with our mission to make blockchain technology more user-friendly and accessible, ultimately driving innovation and adoption in the blockchain space.

  1. How does this project bring value to the Band Ecosystem?

Enhanced Functionalities for Band Protocol: The integration of ChainBrary’s MVP features, such as the Payment Request Bid System and Document Locker, will add significant value to the Band Protocol ecosystem by introducing new, practical tools for blockchain transactions and data security.

Continual Improvement and Adaptation: ChainBrary’s dedicated test environment for feature development and refinement aligns with our commitment to continuous improvement. This approach ensures that every new development meets high standards of functionality and user experience, which can be leveraged to enhance the Band Protocol offerings.

ChainBrary’s integration with the Band Protocol will provide not just additional technical capabilities but also a proven track record of developing and maintaining high-quality blockchain solutions. Our experience and commitment to excellence will be instrumental in driving innovation and user engagement within the Band ecosystem.

  1. Implementation plan with milestones:

Based on your requirements and the structure of your previous proposal for Polkadot, I’ll create a project implementation plan with milestones for your Band Protocol grant application. This plan will be structured over a 4-month period and will include the necessary steps such as setting up the Band environment, migrating and testing smart contracts, implementing the UI, deploying on the test environment, obtaining user feedback, making enhancements, and deploying the final product.

Month 1: Initial Setup and Planning

  1. Week 1-2:
    • Assemble the project team, including hiring a UI/UX designer and an additional developer.
    • Begin setting up the Band local/development environment.
  2. Week 3-4:
    • Complete the setup of the Band environment.
    • Start the initial migration of current smart contracts to the Band Protocol.

Month 2: Development and Testing

  1. Week 1-2:
    • Continue with the migration of smart contracts.
    • Begin preliminary testing of migrated smart contracts in the Band environment.
  2. Week 3-4:
    • Start the development of the user interface (UI) for the new environment.
    • Conduct initial internal tests of the UI.

Month 3: User Testing and Feedback Collection

  1. Week 1-2:
    • Deploy the application on the TEST environment.
    • Begin collecting user feedback.
  2. Week 3-4:
    • Analyze user feedback for UI/UX and functionality improvements.
    • Start implementing feedback enhancements by the UX/UI and development team.

Month 4: Finalization and Deployment

  1. Week 1-2:
    • Complete all feedback-based enhancements.
    • Conduct final testing of the application.
  2. Week 3-4:
    • Finalize and deploy the complete product with all services included.
    • Monitor for any immediate issues and prepare for post-launch support.

This plan is designed to ensure a structured and efficient development process, allowing for thorough testing and user feedback incorporation, culminating in the deployment of a robust and user-friendly application on the Band Protocol.

  1. What budget are you requesting? (In dollars or BAND)

ChainBrary is requesting a budget of $25,000 for the successful implementation of our project on the Band Protocol. This budget is strategically planned to cover the key costs of the project while ensuring effective development and deployment.

Breakdown of the Budget:

  1. Development Costs - $15,000

    • This amount will be used to hire an additional developer and a UI/UX designer, integral to the successful migration, testing, UI implementation, and deployment of the project in the Band Protocol ecosystem.
  2. Operational Costs - $5,000

    • These costs include the setup and maintenance of the Band local/development environment, and other essential operational expenses.
  3. Testing and Quality Assurance - $3,000

    • A dedicated budget for thorough testing and quality assurance is crucial to ensure that the final product is robust and meets the high expectations of users.
  4. Contingency Reserve - $2,000

    • This reserve is allocated to address unforeseen challenges or delays in the development process, ensuring that the project remains on track.

Additionally, ChainBrary will contribute an $8,000 reserve from our funds. This reserve, initially earmarked for marketing initiatives post-launch, will also serve as a buffer to mitigate any unexpected development challenges, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted progression of the project.

This budget request is designed to ensure that all critical aspects of the project, from development to deployment, receive adequate funding. It enables ChainBrary to deliver a high-quality product that significantly contributes to the Band Protocol ecosystem.