[Proposal] Band Media & News

What is your Applicant Name?


What is your Email?

Can you provide more information about yourself?

My name is @dk_51, I’m a computer engineer pursuing my bachelor’s education. I’m gaining knowledge in Web 3 and learning how to do digital marketing in the new era of web3!

  • I’m the Team Lead of the Near Media & News community in Near protocol where we promote all $ NEAR-related projects and help to increase daily transactions!
  • Regional Community Manager at Aurora(Profile - Dk_51 - Aurora)
  • NEAR House of Merit Council
  • Ex-NEAR Degen
  • In addition to this I’ve worked as an ambassador of NearStater
  • Also I built state level Educational Community of students, which I’m having
    • Instagram: 55k+ Followers
    • Instagram: 31k+ Followers
    • Telegram: 12k Active users
      (Quarterly we got 1M+ reach on Instagram)
  • One of the most active members of the AURORA & NEAR Ecosystem, and soon band Protocol too!

What is the name of the project?

Band Media & News ~ Our goal is to build an ecosystem for the worldwide @BandProtocol community and enthusiasts, as well as a Media Centre to deliver all news!

What category does the project fall under? (Development, Research, Community, Infrastructure)

  • Media Community (Global Level)

What are the project goals?

  • Increase community growth of the band protocol official accounts + create a global community for the Band protocol
  • Interact with new users from other blockchains
  • Help with new transactions
  • Onboard new developer
  • Will amplify all the announcements related to the Band Protocol
  • weekly thread post about recent updates in band protocol
  • high reach on all the social media platforms
  • etc

How does this project bring value to the Band Ecosystem?

  • Onboard new Developer
  • External Marketing
  • Bring new members from other blockchains
  • create a global media community
  • etc

Can you provide a project implementation plan with milestones?

yeah sure!

Twitter Profile:

  • Follower: 2000+ Genuine users
  • Engagement: 40k+ monthly impressions
  • Posts: 60+ monthly
  • thread post: 4+
  • Weekly updates thread: 4


  • TG Announced: 300+
  • TG Chat group: 200+

Instagram: 150+

Medium articles: 4+

Maintain group chat

external Marketing events on zealy, questN, etc

onboard new members & developers, etc

create new social media accounts for the band media community

What budget are you requesting? (In dollars or BAND)

Budget: 2900$ monthly

Rewards Distribution:

  • Graphic Designer: 700$ [60+ infographic post monthly]
  • Community Manager TG: 400$ [24-hour support in a group chat via 2 mods]
  • Content Writer: 500$ [4+ medium article + Twitter, TG post ann content]
  • Social media Manager: 500$ [posting all the posts on various social media platforms and maintaining growth and engagement on social media: Twitter, Telegram ann, Instagram, Linkedin, Reddit, Medium]
  • Community Events: 500$ [AMAs-3, Quiz Event- 2,3, Contest-2, Other activity]
  • Team Lead: 300$

Thanks, and have a great day ahead!

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We appreciate the submission of the grants. We will review the application with the Grants team and inform you of our decision.

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Yeah, thanks for the valuable response!

Feel free to jump on the call, if you have any questions related to the goals and KPI’s!


hey, @pzshine looking forward to your response! :blush: