Heroes Battle Arena x Band Protocol - Building Multichain GameFi

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  1. What is your Applicant Name?

Heroes Battle Arena - Multichain strategic turn-based RPG
Link Alpha: HTTP://oasis.heroesbattlearena.online

  1. What is your Email?

  2. Can you provide more information about yourself?

CEO and Founder of the Heroes Battle Arena, 7 years in IT, 3 years in blockchain services.

  1. What is the name of the project?

Heroes Battle Arena

  1. What category does the project fall under? (Development, Research, Community, Infrastructure)

GameFi, NFT, Play-to-Earn

  1. Can you provide a project description?

Multichain Play-and-earn Strategic RPG with zero start investments based on NFTs for army, magic stones, gods and guilds power.

Well known problem of P2E games is the need for significant initial investment.
Our game solves this problem with free initial units, low-cost entry payment and a large base of opportunities to increase own income.

Our game is based on interaction with NFTs, allowing us to connect the additional project to our game and connect many blockchains as well. There are 3 types of assets in our game: battle units, magic stones and gods.

The gameplay of our game is based on two types of battles: standard and premium. In standard battle, users can set the army on the battleground and look at how to work the auto-battle system. In premium type users get full control of each step in each battle.

In our game there are few ways for increasing investments:

  • purchase army
  • bid to enter the waiting lobby for the start battle
  • change username
  • change the authorization wallet
  • magic stones
  • the restoration of MANA
  • unit extensions (NFTs)
  • premium subscription
  • creating and managing a guild
  1. What are the project goals?

Achieve in middle-term 20k active users per month through different blockchains

  1. How does this project bring value to the Band Ecosystem?

We are using Band Protocol for build in Oasis Protocol our alpha version of the game. As a multichain project, we would like to use Band Protocol for all our versions as many as possible.

  1. Can you provide a project implementation plan with milestones?
  • alpha version on Oasis Protocol - done
  • beta version on Oasis Protocol, ENuls, Polygon - July 2023
  • release on Oasis Protocol, Enuls, Polygon, Optimism - September 2023
  • add 5 chains more with Band Protocol integration - up to end of the 2023
  1. What budget are you requesting? (In dollars or BAND)

10k+ (1.5-2k per blockchain implementation for engineers, QA and solidity dev)


We appreciate the submission of the grants. We will review the application with the Grants team and inform you of our decision.


We are going to make history together

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BandChain is primarily an oracle chain, designed specifically for oracle functionalities rather than serving as a general-purpose chain like Ethereum. As an oracle chain, BandChain focuses on providing secure and reliable data feeds to decentralized applications.

Could you please clarify why you are considering BandChain or Band Protocol for your on-chain game implementation? Understanding your intentions will help us better assess how we can support your project effectively.

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noice. very noice!!!

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Yes, sure!

We are using already Band Protocol for our game on Oasis Protocol.

And unlike Chainlink, we see the advantages of the Band Protocol precisely in the number of supported blockchains and protocols. This will allow us to use a single solution for most existing and hopefully future blockchains.
This is important to us because the blockchain for our game is the window through which we connect players. Players from different networks have the opportunity to compete with each other. And the band protocol will provide us with the correct data feed for this.

Apologies for the delay in responding.

Since you are utilizing our price feeds as a user, we can offer complimentary access to the Band Oracle service, instead of providing financial support to the project. This adjustment is due to our distinction as a non-incubator entity.