Grants Guideline

There are 4 categories to support Band Ecosystem:

  1. Development Grants: Grants for developers building blockchain-based applications and services on top of Band Ecosystem
    1. You have the opportunity to either innovate by building new solutions or contribute to our existing open-source projects, such as CosmoScan and Documentations.
    2. This category encompasses the creation of tools, analytic instruments, explorers, and more.
    3. Additionally, you can enhance the community’s experience on BandChain by providing public goods like DataSource and OracleScript
  2. Research Grants: Grants for academic or industry researchers studying various aspects of blockchain technology, such as scalability, security, privacy, and interoperability.
    1. Researchers are encouraged to utilize BandChain in their investigations, including its potential as a bridge or leveraging IBC for novel use cases on BandChain.
  3. Community Grants: Grants for projects that promote the adoption and growth of a particular blockchain ecosystem, such as hackathons, educational initiatives, and marketing campaigns.
  4. Infrastructure Grants: Grants for projects that improve the underlying infrastructure of a particular blockchain ecosystem, such as improvements to consensus algorithms, network scalability, or storage efficiency.

Please note that the grant scheme does not offer funds for the purposes of incubation and integration.

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