Band Hackathon Proposal

  1. What is your Applicant Name?

Krit Wannavithyapa

  1. What is your Email?

  1. Can you provide more information about yourself?

I’m a Venture Lead from Cryptomind Labs, which is Cryptomind’s web3 venture incubator and advisory unit with a vision to forge the next crypto unicorn from SEA. Founded in 2018, Cryptomind Group is Thailand’s leading firm in digital asset financial services and product developments. Additionally, one of our subsidiary, Cryptomind Media, is one of the biggest crypto media ecosystem in Thailand with more than 3 million followers across our network of influencers, KOL, and media outlets

  1. What is the name of the project?

Cryptomind HACKATHON 2023

  1. What category does the project fall under? (Development, Research, Community, Infrastructure)**


  1. Can you provide a project description?

Cryptomind HACKATHON 2023 is a one-month event tailored for web3 developers, particularly those based in Thailand. This hackathon offers both online and physical sessions, hosted at Cryptomind’s Area Zero, aiming to promote web3 development and innovation among Thai developers. The event will provide participants with in-depth technical knowledge, insights into emerging web3 use cases, and applications of web3 across various business sectors.

  1. What are the project goals?
  • Promote Web3 Development: Encourage developers to delve into the web3 ecosystem and create innovative solutions.
  • Technical Education: Provide participants with comprehensive technical knowledge through sessions from experienced web3 builders and mentors.
  • Foster Innovation: Encourage the creation of blockchain-driven products that can impact both the real and digital worlds.
  • Community Engagement: Strengthen the web3 community in Thailand by bringing together developers, mentors, and industry leaders.
  1. How does this project bring value to the Band Ecosystem?
  • Local Engagement: The hackathon focuses on the Thai web3 developer community, offering Band Protocol a unique opportunity to engage with a specific regional audience.
  • Diverse Use Cases: With themes ranging from DeFi to metaverse & gaming, the hackathon can lead to a variety of projects that might integrate with Band Protocol’s technology.
  • Community Building: By co-hosting, Band Protocol can strengthen its community ties, positioning itself as a key player in the decentralized space in Thailand.
  • Potential Collaborations: The hackathon can serve as a breeding ground for innovative projects that Band Protocol might want to explore further collaborations with.
  1. Can you provide a project implementation plan with milestones?

As a 1 month Hackathon, the timeline for the program is as follows:

  • 9th - 27th October 2023 (Application & Education Phase):
    • Open for builders to submit their PoC or MVP
    • Conduct online or offline technical education workshops with our hackathon partner such as Band Protocol
  • 28th Oct - 3rd Nov 2023 (Selection Period) : Select 15 teams for the Demo Day
  • 4th Nov 2023 : 15 finalist team announcement
  • 10th Nov: Hackathon opening and networking party for the 15 participating teams and sponsoring partners
  • 11th Nov: Demo Day at Cryptomind’s Area Zero where 15 teams present to a panel of judges. Selection and awarding of the top 3 teams and track winners.
  • 12th Nov: Panel discussion with the top 3 finalist teams on BGTH’s genesis stage, followed by a networking party

We are expecting around 100+ teams to apply based on the recent web3 hackathon that was hosted in Thailand.

  1. What budget are you requesting? (In dollars or BAND) :

We are requesting 6000 BAND in which will be allocated as following :

  • 2500 BAND for BAND Track Prize
  • 2500 BAND for Main Prize Pool
  • 1000 BAND for Marketing expense
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Congratulations on passing our criteria during the interview with our grants team. Your proposal has been reviewed, and we believe that your idea will make a positive impact on the band ecosystem as a hackathon organizer. As the next step, please proceed to submit the form on our grants website and await approval. We appreciate your contribution. Thank you!